PSA 10 - Max Verstappen
PSA 10 - Max Verstappen
PSA 10 - Max Verstappen
PSA 10 - Max Verstappen

PSA 10 - Max Verstappen #6 - SP - Sapphire Edition - Image Variation

Verstappen's win at the 70th Anniversary Grand Prix in 2020 (his first F1 win at Silverstone) earned him Driver of the Day honors by a 13.8% margin. 

The Topps Chrome sets are probably the most traded and collected of F1 series. The Chrome card series are distributed exclusively online for the first time in 2020. The 200-card set highlights F1 and F2 drivers, team principles, crews, cars and… moments.
An abundance of variations, numbered, and signed versions have been distributed.

Considering Topps Chrome is the focus of many investors, these cards are certainly worth the investment. Especially the low-numbered editions of course such as this beauty….
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