Lights Out F1 Cards

This beautifully designed 40-card set is a gem. It was launched at the end of one of the most historic, exciting, and controversial seasons ever in Formula One. Looking back, our love for this set marked the start of Authenticsgg. ​

Over time, we ripped open more than 100 boxes and got into the numbered cards hunting game. We invested heavily in the 1/1s early on. Our quest received amazing support from the great F1 cards collector communities on Discord, Insta and Facebook. ​

But… we still are not there yet. We still need three cards to complete the 240-card collection (of /5 and up). We own 21 of the 40 unique gold plaque 1/1 cards and thus have achieved our goal of >50%. Still eager to add more... ​

Looking for:​
• Stroll Driver /10​
• Hamilton History Maker /5​
• Raikkonen World Champion /5​
• Tsunoda Rookie Race /5