Our Collections

We buy, sell and… collect. Over the years, we have collected quite some iconic items related to different interests and periods of our lives… ​

From sealed first generation iPhones to as good as all Pirelli calendars. From signed Messi shirts to Panini soccer albums. From the very first Max Verstappen Red Bull can, and many Red Bull scale models to our recent ambitious effort to collect all numbered cards of the F1 Topps Lights Out series.   

To build true and complete collections, you need to focus. That is hard. For each of our collections we have specific reasons why we go all in. Our main criteria for our own items and collections are:​

1) How iconic the product, person or moment is (to us).​
2) The overall quality and in particular the visual design of the product.​
3) Not developed only to be a high-end and expensive trade item. 

An overview of our most precious items and collections can be found on the following pages:​

F1 Topps Lights Out Season 2021
F1 Topps Now, numbered
F1 Special Editions
F1 Chrome
F1 Base Sets
F1 Signed Photos
F1 Scale Models
Other Sports Collectibles
Miscellaneous Collectibles