F1 Scale Models

We love cars so we love scale models, especially 1:18 and the occasional 1:8. ​

Our personal collection features a number of Hamilton’s Mercedes powertrains, Benetton and Arrow models from Jos Verstappen’s F1 career as well as every 1:18 model that Max Verstappen drove in the first couple years of his F1 career. ​

The abundance of model cars makes maintaining a complete collection practically impossible, but we make sure we jump on the specials. Verstappen has a long history with local supermarket chain Jumbo who has worked with Burago distributing 1:12 model cars for several years now. ​

We are particularly fond of the white Honda livery that Red Bull used during the Turkish Grand Prix amidst the historic 2021 season.  We will be offering some of the Spark 1:18 model cars at a certain moment. We also could not resist acquiring one of 33 1:8 models of this unique white version of Verstappen’s first championship season car. 

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