Authenicsgg is all about passion for iconic moments, products, and people. ​

We aim to support people’s desire to create unique collections that help relive memories or express personal fandom. ​

We have been collectors ourselves all our lives and still are. Some people around us call us hoarders… 😊 

We bonded on the basketball court when we were teenagers back in the day. Sports creates friendship, communities, fandom, and icons to admire. Not surprising that our focus is very much on sports and in particular Formula One.  At the same time, we do not limit ourselves to that. We keep our eye out for any item that helps people enjoy their passion for specific iconic moments, products, and people.  ​

Enjoy browsing around our collections and items for sale. Please reach out with any question or unique item that you believe we should add to our collection.

Our Service & Prices

Authenticsgg aims to provide a premium service. From operating a seamless and user-friendly website and shop to the quality of packaging of shipped items. We are collectors ourselves. We know what we would like to experience when searching and buying. 

In our shop you will find many items that can be bought online and shipped immediately. For some other items we invite you to make an offer and start a conversation. We have priced the items based on the value that we feel the item has. In some cases that means a price that is higher (or lower) than the current price at which the item trades. The prices are prices at which we feel comfortable to part with it, be it now or in near future as we anticipate the value to grow over time.

We have made significant investments in building up our own collections as well as jumping on some items very early. We hope to recoup part of this investment by selling unique collectibles that help people complete or expand their own personal collection.     

Fandom and collecting are global so we ship global. We work with the most reliable global delivery service providers and aim to do so at the most reasonable cost. Shipping is included in our price in most cases.

We often have batches of cards in the process of grading. You will find a specific note on that in the item description if that is the case.

We love to see other collections as well as to consider investments in any unique items or collections that you might have and fit our focus. Please surprise us!