Grand Prix Exclusives: 2023 Monza LeClerc 1/1 Autograph & More

For us, visiting a Grand Prix is the ultimate experience, the  highlight of the year! Part of the fun is trying to get hold of exclusive stuff. Luckily, Topps caters to this. They release Grand-Prix only series, hand out exclusives and organize raffles with unique prizes.  

The ultimate  prize. This year, Topps is promoting its 2023 Turbo Attax product by giving out cards that are not part of the regular distribution of Turbo Attax boxes and packs. To get a card, you enter in a raffle. The prize of the raffle is the same card but slightly different.....: a 1/1 autograph version! We did not win the raffle at Zandvoort. But we have managed to get our hands on an even more beautiful edition: the Ruby Red Charles Leclerc 1/1 Autograph, won at Monza, Italy. My daughter's name is Ruby. Needless to say this is going into the Authenticsgg personal collection... It is arguably the most beautiful card that we own. Amazing in hand and soon to be safely conserved in a red PSA slab....    

Flashy 2023 Exclusives. At Silverstone the exclusive card was a Russell Quartz, at Zandvoort the Verstappen Diamond and at Monza the Ruby LeClerc. Really really good looking cards in general, especially for a Turbo Attax product. We like to add these to our personal collection. If anyone if interested, we have quite a few of Russell Quartz....

Forgotten Treasures. Topps experimented with exclusive releases in 2022. It released its retro design driver and powertrain sets at the Austin and Miami Grand Prix but also made two /350 cards available as a prize to a game at the Hungarian Grand Prix: a Pierre Gasly and a Max Verstappen version. A design that inspired the current blue 2023 US Grand Prix series as you can see. The weather was not good that weekend and not many cards made it out alive. It is even so exclusive that PSA returned the cards as "unknown" when sent for grading. We are now working with Topps to get that set right.    

Americans gets full sets. Topps is American so at the US Grand Prix they put in  more effort and are more visible. We love the daring retro design of the 2022 series. When the drivers of the Austin Grand Prix are put together with the powertrains of the Miami Grand Prix, you get a unique set. 


Grading can be a pain. High grades are often a challenge with Grand Prix exclusives so we have put in a big effort to get through this. We even have a full PSA10 driver set for sale (and a full PSA9 powertrain set).

We love our exclusives and especially when the design sets the cards apart from the regular series. Or, as in the case of the Ruby Charles LeClerc 1/1 is simply stunning....     

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